How to Order

1. Search for products
Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the prescriptions you are looking for. This will take you to the product page where you can choose the country of origin and the quantity.
2. Choose your products
Choose either brand or generic, the strength and quantity. There are also multiple countries of origin from Tier 1 countries.
3. Add your products to your shopping cart
Click add to cart to add the product to the shopping cart. You can keep searching for products if you need more. Your shopping cart is always accessible on the top right of the page if you load up another page vehicle shopping.
4. Proceed to billing
Once you have everything you need in the shopping cart, you can click on “proceed to billing”. This will take you to the checkout page where you can finish ordering. Please ensure there are no errors inputting your information.
Congratulations you are done!
You will receive a confirmation Email and once you send us your prescription your order should ship in 1-2 business days. You will be sent another Email with tracking once your order is on it’s way.
Search for the product online or call us toll-free for a price quote:
Record the medication, strength, quantity and price on the order form.
Complete the rest of the document:
This includes personal information, payment information.
Fax, upload or mail the order form to us:
Along with a copy of your prescription please send us your completed form. It will take us 1-2 business days to process everything. We will reach out if we have any questions about you order.
Call us toll-free and set everything up with our exceptional customer care staff.
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