FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Call us toll-free if you have any questions that you do not see on this list. Our professional customer support staff are certain to answer any questions you may have.

All "Prescription Required" drugs legally require a prescription before they can be dispensed to you. They cannot be dispensed by a licensed pharmacy without one.

You can follow these instructions to place your order.

We have a licensed pharmacist available to provide counseling and medical advice for all of the products we carry.

We are limited to sending a 3 month supply for personal use. We can keep refills on file for future use if you are provided refills. These limitations are based on regulations for importation.

Orders typically arrive within two weeks. Every order is sent with tracked shipping and the tracking number will be provided to you via email once the order ships.

Orders can be transferred to the pharmacy within hours of it being placed. Due to the time differences we cannot guarantee we can request a cancellation at the pharmacy before they ship it out. Once an order is dispensed and shipped, it cannot be returned or canceled. We ask that you ensure that you need the product before you place an order.

After medication is dispensed it cannot legally be returned or resold. If the product arrives damaged or otherwise unusable you can be issued a refund for any medication that cannot be used. You Can call us toll-free to see if a return can be authorized and how to return any products.

Unfortunately we cannot accept foreign insurance. It is possible that your insurance company may reimburse you for purchases made through us. You would need to confirm with them to determine if this is possible. We are happy to provide medical expense reports for tax purposes or insurance claims.

Very secure. All of your orders and online communication with us are processed utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL version 3.0 or higher) and secured by a true VeriSign SSL Certificate. This protection ensures that your information will not be seized by anyone.

We likewise have encryption for all data that is submitted to us before transmission. For specific tasks, only authorized staff members have access. In order to prevent unauthorized traffic from reaching our internal network, our systems and networks are protected.

Due to international regulations we are unable to ship controlled substances, habit forming drugs or anything that has the potential for abuse. We are also unable to ship temperature controlled medicine (insulin) or drugs that are only available in the US.

Protecting your confidential information is an utmost priority of ours. Our privacy policy can explain in greater detail.

Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) also protects you from having your information shared by anyone without your consent.

Our complete terms of sale can be found here Terms of Sale.

Our complete Privacy Policy can be found here Privacy policy.

Meds90 itself is not a physical pharmacy. We are what is referred to as a pharmacy referral service. We take your prescription and fill it with a licensed pharmacy partner from the Tier1 country of your choice.

Since every order is sent with tracking it is very unlikely that you would not receive your order. However, if you have not received your order after 4 weeks from the date it ships please contact us so we can review and determine options.

Electronic check (otherwise known as direct withdrawal or ACH) is a method of payment that allows us to request the funds directly from your bank account instead of waiting for a physical check. It also prevents issues such as checks being lost in the mail.